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About Us

CSRL was conceptualized in the year 2007 with the objective of working in the field of corporate social responsibility, Individual social Responsibility aiming towards building a stronger ethical nation. . CSRL has been working on various dimensions of CSR such as CSR Project Execution, CSR Advocacy, CSR Publications and CSR Programs. CSRL has a vision of developing a character individuals inclined towards growth. The focus area is to work towards giving back to the society, in form of education, nurturing talent, supporting the underprivileged.

The organization has been actively involved in education & transforming lives of the underprivileged section of the society through its various SUPER 30 projects being executed PAN India. Towards the objective of CSR Advocacy, the organization has been on the forefront of promoting various programs through annual conferences and research publications. It also supports the process of social entrepreneurship in small and medium NGO's and provides a volunteer constituency for compassionate individuals to make a significant difference by concrete actions through its numerous educational and training programs. Several workshops and courses are organized to help people to be more educated in the area of social work, social entrepreneurship and corporate leadership.

CSRL is headed by a professional board which comprises of individuals from academic, technocrat, social sector and eminent background. Their experience and knowledge helps us in shaping our vision with perfection. The Noble vision, and an efficient team, together moulds the organization towards the efficient working and achieving the organization's aim.

Social welfare initiatives have always been of prime importance for the organization. Flood Relief Camps have been organized for the Delhi Flood Victims. On the same thoughts winter clothes collection and distribution campaign was initialized and nothing less than 3500 clothes were distributed to the people in need.

CSRL through its various projects and programs aims at developing a society, while suggesting companies and individuals the importance of mutual growth.

Taking the trend of system of CSR, i.e, Corporate Social Responsibility, CSRL now is focusing on the importance of ISR, which is Individual Social Responsibility.

Shifting the vision from building temples to building nation of values has become the prime objective of CSRL.