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Me & My Nation - Vision Of A Better Tomorrow

Date & Venue- 30th & 31st May 2012, New Delhi

'Me & My Nation' program was organized by CSRL to bring together the alumni and the current batch students for a mind opening learning session. The program witnessed speakers from science, technology social sector and public limited companies share their knowledge, thought and opinions with their perrs on several areas of public interest, public welfare and others. The program started with a welcome address by Dr. Kajari Mukherjee, Founder-Member of CSRL and was followed by lamp lighting ceremony by members of SIFE (NGO run by the students of Shri Ram College of Commerce). Thereupon Mr. S. K. Shahi, Director: CSRL elaborated about the 2 days program, after which students were dully addressed by Mr. N. M Borah; ex- CMD, Oil India Ltd.

The speakers spoke at length about the challenges of the society and what does the new generation need to cultivate the cope-up attitude within them. Mr. Harish Natarajan, MD Bausch & Lomb spoke about how innovation & design challenges are helping in reaching out to a large base; he showed a short film about the leadership and managerial guidance of Dr Venkataswamy who started the Aravind Eye Hospital. SIFE students spoke about their four projects – Aaahar, Azmat, Life on Wheels and Kayakalp.

'Me & My Nation' program also had an interactive QA session wherein Mr. Rajnish Jain of Avani shared his life journey from being a corporate professional to a social entrepreneur. He spoke about how pine cones are being used as raw material to generate power that lights their entire establishments and campus. And how Avani aims that generating power and dumping into state power grid so that a village of 1000 households can be light up!

Students who have risen from very indigent circumstances spoke thereafter, among them were Mr. Amanullah, who has completed his IIT in 1993, followed by stint abroad and in planning commission of India, spoke movingly about how he was the first person in his family to study beyond Class VII.

The program also had innovators who are coming up with path breaking solutions to tackle socio economic problems of India. Mr. Anshu Gupta of Goonj spoke about his experience of creating a drive to collect excess stuff from urban households such that they can be channelized to rural households, similarly Mr. Supriyo Das, an independent inventor, shared about his one room house to come up with simple solutions to complicated problems of daily life. Mr. Prakash Kumar, water and sanitation expert, enriched us with the fact about how innovative solutions are being introduced to handle the problem of sanitation in rural India, specially the concept of use and get paid toilets that are being set up.

Mr. Baleshwar Rai, retired IAS and Chairman, CSRL addressed the students and shared that despite his humble origins; he managed to rise to the post of Secretary to the government of India.

The students also benefitted with the interactive session with Mr. Chinmay Sengupta, COO of ICICI Foundation, who spoke about coming across one's drawback and rising them up. Adding to all these informations the students also met their sponsors, and few team member from the company like Mr. S. L. Raina, Director, HR, GAIL and Dr. A. Karnataka, ED-Projects spoke about why and how the company decided to sponsor the students. And, what are their aspirations from them. The fact that encouraged the students was when Md. Ibedsat Ahmad, who is the product of Rahmani 30, and currently in the third year of IIT Kharagpur, spoke about the initiative called IITians for youth. Under its aegis, the students went to villages of four Naxal infested districts of Bihar and interacted with students such that they understand the various options available to youths of the rural India. This initiative is a bold step in itself and can solve a major issue of our society. Alumni of Super 30 have and are doing a lot in their respective fields, and they have their respect for Super 30. One of the alumni of 2007 batch, Mr. Roshan Lal, spoke about the portal called Sambhavna.org which is being created to connect all engineering students of past and present. Two more students from past years spoke as well. Megh Bhatnagar of Kanpur centre (2009-10 batches) who is presently in IIST spoke about how students of second year have created a prototype space launch. Mohit Agarwal (batch 2010-11-Delhi Centre), a sharp and witty student of DTU , and a very good speaker impressed his fellow mates when he shared how aspirations have risen once each joins a engineering college; Mohit actually helped the CSRL Team in contacting the students who have been trained in earliest batches of Super 30.

The program came to an end with an impressionable presentation by Dr. Umesh Sharma of Samvedna, who talked about work life balance in life of every person. Mr. K.M. Singh ED CSRL gave his thanks giving to all the participants and speakers, and assured of the alumni to meet every year with a more energized session of Super 30, executed by CSRL.