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CO2 & You 2 –"Control your destiny or else global warming will"

This unique book gives an in-depth knowledge about twenty prominent areas related to global warming. It includes technical explanation of the issue, the latest hard core facts, expert views, reasons, past, present and future impacts, and effects: both at national and global level and actions already taken at various levels etc.

WAR against Poverty- Leadership & Implementation Perspective in NREGS

Most of the newspapers and magazines nowadays are charged with glorifying things which are sell-i-brity. However, conscious cum serious readers still find many things worthy reading in them. Since last decade, books with management success stories etc are found abundance, but books with leadership or bureaucracy often take the back seat.


The magazine contains CSR's best practices as undertaken by major corporate houses across India. This magazine details the contributions from both the public and the private sector and the initiatives have been bee-lined in a simple and lucid manner so that highlight of each program comes up extra ordinarily.


"Three Idiots" a movie by Rajkumar Hirani is an entertaining reminder of the pathetic condition of our education system which is based on conversational prescription, transfer of information and competition for marks rather than on critical thinking, creativity and participation of the learners. The movie has also attacked the way talents are treated, nurtured, and the way teachers refuse innovative suggestions from the students to make things simpler. To improve the current situation in respect to quality of teaching, nurturing talent, and value building the world needs "GREAT TEACHERS".

Katha Kahani Aur Copy- Mission Character Building

The name says it all! KKC contains twenty inspirational stories in layman's language and from the lives of great people like Mahatma Gandhi, Narayan Murthy, Dr Zakir Husain, Abraham Lincoln etc. along with 100 blank pages. Below every story, the moral of the same is given along with a few tough words from the story and their meanings.


An insight to the lives of the beneficiaries of Abhayanand Super 30; the book talks about the struggle and success of the beneficiaries of Abhayanand Super 30, whose life have seen, metamorphose.